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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Miss Sunshine's Graduation & Concert Day..

alhamdulillah... akhirnya selesai sudah.. graduation and concert day miss sunhine.. 
yes.. a bit late from others schools..
 sebab they took quite a long holiday on Chinese New Year..
so dorang punya schedule end a bit late dari school biasa...

me tak nak bebel panjang.. just enjoy the picture from daddy punya camera gajah.. 
will add summore once dapat from proffesional photog later..

our lovely miss sunshine.. she's really excited to be on stage.. 
masa nih still menunggu kedatangan semua.. 
and waiting to be make up by teacher..
as always dia cepat bosan.. asyik la duk tanya bila nak start.. hehehe..

majlis started with bergambar dengan anak masing-masing..
so all kiddos have to queue in front of the stage.. 
parents will follow and get them, they will pass you the gift that they hold tuh.. 
and cameraman will snap picture for uols.. 

after selesai.. they all have to be on stage.. 
and presenting they all punya opening.. sung lagu negeri, negaraku and rukun negara..

so.. here we go.. miss sunshine punya 1st performance.. 
its chinese song.. 
Little Apple - Chopstick Brothers

selesai satu dancing performance.. 
hammmbooiii.. nih ingat miss univrse punya competition ka??
miss sunshine kalau dah naik stage.. lupa diri tau.. 
over.. hihihi..

this is her 2nd performance.. 
song from westlife.. 'i have a dream' i bet.. 

its time for graduate.. 
1stly parents have to be on stage.. 
your kids will come to you with a tray and 2 cups of tea.. 
its some sort like.. parents give a blessing to their kids.. 
once you drink that tea wear them that graduation hat.. 
and pass them the graduate gift.. 
this really-really a touching part for me.. 
with the touching speech given by principles..
and in between they show you slides about your kids from start they at that kindy..

after get blessing from parents..
there we go with actual graduation from the principle..
they project your kids history on stage.. 
while your kids receive the scroll.. 

there.. our miss sunshine.. 

her proud face with her 1st scroll.. 
and award that she get..

her 3rd performance.. something like rock-rock sikit..

and this is the closing.. we finished at 5pm.. 

she bring back "The Best Dancer Award"..
hahaha.. our miss sunshine.. so cute la you sayang.. 

selesai sudah.. 3 tahun cerita at kindy.. 
so.. next year will be a new phase of your life.. 
she had enjoy her graduation and concert day so much..



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