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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Kau Pergi Jua


Layan.. jer dengar lagu nih..
Nice song and so relaxing for me..
Keep on listening to this song..
Good collaboration for both.. both have a sweet voice..

Lagu layan.. cacthy.. tapi..
me rasa sedih and touched jer everytime hear to this song..
i miss her.. i miss her so much..
i miss my mom..

mom.. if you are here now.. 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Dating jom.

Diam tak diam dah lebih seminggu daddy's home..
Alhamdulillah demam ni pun after 2 weeks am 95% recover..
Setiap kali demam macam tu lah..
Dah makan berminggu baru nak fully recover..
Yes!! daddy is back.. so we back to normal life..
Mama pun bernafas dengan lega buat sementara..
But dont worry at anytime will fly again with a few destination in his listing..
Huhu sabor jer lah..
So, yesterday was our replacement public holiday..
but kiddos school as usual..
Yeeehaaaa its a good time for me and the daddy to have a date.!!!
Alaaa sesekali bagi chance ok..
Mama and papa went for a good date..
Muvies, makan-makan, shopping..
Alhamdulillah release all the tense and stress had at work..
Wish everyday gini.. kan syiok..
ok, i know.. wish yang melampau.. huhuhu.. sedar.. sedar..
ok bai.. thats all.. nothing much to update..
ada masa terluang akan kembali bersiaran..

some of stuff daddy bring back from JapanG to her princess..
she love it so much.. mama too.. 

had muvie, lunch, shopping.. 
if la setiap hari begini.. heaven nyehh..