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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tracking BF by Radar..


ini cerita beberapa hari sebelum raya.. with the horrible and terrible feelings dengan apa yang dah terjadi to Malaysia.. me rasa sangat2 cuak, takut, berdebar semua ada..

my other half was scheduled back home 2 days before raya.. from Brazil to Penang, it was a 3 days travelling, with 3 flight.. From Brazil to Doha, Doha to KL and KL to Penang..

dengan kes MH17 di tembak di Ukraine and beberapa kes flight terkandas, terjatuh and what so ever scary things after few days that case sangat menakutkan.. hari-hari di office me betul-betul ikuti perkembangan MH17 , i dont know why.. i felt so.. dunno.. its like they are so closed to me.. and am just.. crying.. and crying.. the worried things macam ntah lah.. maybe that feelings sebab my other half one of the active traveller around the globe, and before fly to Brazil, he just came back from Mexico, which used the same route, Amsterdam yeah.. Amsterdam one of the transit point, and of course using the same route to Malaysia.. seriously i cant imagine that and dont want to..

me cant sleep at night.. sangat tidak tenang rasa hati ini.. habis doa me baca minta diselamatkan lah perjalanan my other half..

and what me do to release it.. me track my hubby flight by radar.. yeah.. 3 hari nokss me track, from Brazil to Doha 14 hours, Dohat to KL 15 hours, and last from KL to Penang 1 hour.. me track all the point.. it was a realtime.. kekadang risau jugak bila hilang dari radar fo a while.. maybe laluan laut dalam, like lautan Hindi or Teluk Benggal.. whut ever..

 Just started from Sao Paolo, Brazil to Doha, Qatar
 From Doha, Qatar to KL
 reaching Malaysia - KL
yeay!! sampai dah..  Alhamdulillah..

i dont mind my colleague at office say.. they will know the feelings if happened to them.. and u know what, at least i feel the release.. macam-macam orang, macama-macam cara nak release the pain, tense and what so ever kan.. and, me as always with my own style..and last they understand than they all macam terkejut, i can do all that.. hahahaha.. MRS GEE, you should know me well lah kan.. if they saw am smiling or clapping hands means, the flight safely landed.. hahahaha.. what a drama.. like mother like doter.. drama kuat..

by the time writing this, my other half actually not around.. travel to China pulakss.. will be back soon.. semoga selamat reached home daddy.. we always pray for you..


  1. :)

    Bila sesuatu kejadian yg berlaku adalah dekat dgn kehidupan kita, kita akan faham mcmana rasanya org yg duduk dlm kedudukan itu. We share the same feel beb.

    Apapun, smoga keluarga dan insan2 yg disygi dilindungi dr kejadian2 dan tragedi buruk dr kita kan.

    1. tu la mak.. gentar selalu ada dalam hati..

      semoga selamat sentiasa Insya Allah..