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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Early Stage..

Its really hot weather in here.. at my dear hub hometown..
From the 1st day I got a really bad headache..
continue until today's date..day 6
damn its really pain inside.. T.T
cannot even sneeze or cough..
It make my headache more worst..
crying at every single night.. cannot tahan this headache..
saaaakiiit ya Allah..

Me really dah tak tahan and finally my dear hub bring me to the clinic..
met with doctor..
and finally wut I dont want to hear real happen..
Even it is not as bad as other disease..
But I know, who ever have this.. will really suffer when it  comes..

Yes.. Doc said.. I got migrain in early stage..
If at early stage I can feel the real damn pain,
fuhhh what happen to the severe migrain eh..
Ya Allah..
Doc cakap, me kena avoid dari stress, dont skip my meals and jugak jangan main panas..
Wah.. jadik puteri lilin la lepas nih..

Mode sekarang, looking for perawatan secara semulajadi..
may be dengan cara pemakanan boleh kurangkannya.. Insyaallah..
and jugak must try to avoid from ape yg doc advise tuh..
Since I have a hard task at work,
"PJJ" with dear hub and also semester dah start..
A full pack of schedule started already..assignment is waiting!!!!!
Oh Migrain.. Please be good..
InsyaAllah harap2 dah balik Penang, everythings gonna b ok..

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