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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

And Finally..

and.. finally im officially a student again..
after 2 years me postponed due to my big commitment..
and now.. im back..
hubby always at my back, give me a full support..
he start to figure out already ways to make me less stress,
less do homework after return home..

and alhamdullillah.. urusan hari nih di pemudahkan olehNya..
hari pertama i tried to study with gegurl beside me..
arghhh... nampak gaya nye macam fail!!
terus jer masuk bilik keep all my books again..
she tried to controlled my book, and want me to let her hold the book..
and me cannot touch it at all.. oh no no no..

xperlah gegurl..its just an intro..we make it slowly..
nanti lama-lama sayang mama paham lah tuh..
acelli me risau jugak..tp takper kita try perlahan2 ek syg..

and.. and.. and.. the most big surprise!!!
hubby cakap penguat semangat utk me belajar sungguh2..
he bought me this!!! huwaaaaaaaaaaa.. me terharu..
me tak mintak pun.. me surprised!!
tp, org dah bagi amik jer lah kan ko tok sah duk ckp byk2 sgt..

terima kasih.. terima kasih.. terima kasih..
terima kasih daun keladi yer en. papa my dearest hubby..
insyaAllah..mama akan buat yang terbaik..
without this pun mama still akan buat yg terbaik..
tp bila papa dah bagi.. mama kaup ajer.. ekekekeke..

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