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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Despicable Me ~~

well.. still in mood my little princess high fever..mama dia pun dah start sneeze dah since morning.. papa got sorethroat and flu, same goes to along jr. maybe like papa said laa its transition to a new year and new area..

mama so worried bout u dear.. don’t want to drink milks.. eat nothing.. today only just finish until 4 bottles of vitagen only.. that she called “ayaq” ..aiseh.. anak mama speaking penang…at least something, but once she coughed, vomite everything.. mama ingat princess oso got sorethroat laa.

today wake up at 330 in the morning.. waa mama feel so dizzy n like want to vomite de.. she just crying.. mama oso don’t understand wut she try to tell and wut she want… “mama uvie, mama atoon”.. ok, mama gotcha..

nk tgk faveret cartoon dia.. dah 2 hari nih die demam mama ingat dh 20 kali or more than that duk repeat tgk movie cartoon faveret dia nih..

those scences that my princess faveret most..

Princess faveret part when Agnes flap flap flap her cheeks..

when Agnes ask “does this count as annoying??” so cute.. and my princess always request her papa did the same thing.. flap flap flap flap her cheeks…

“its so fluffy and am gonna die…” hahaha.. so cute..

Princess faveret part, when minions request a nite kiss from mr Gru

minions request for the nite kiss.. so sweet.. “didn’t I got you already..” hahahaha.. tomey sungguh..

faveret when minions said.. “WHAAAAAAAAT!!” and “KNOCK OOOOVER”

aish.. bleh plak main review2 muvie cartoon plak.. acelli mrs Gee bleh berehat and surfing jap nih.. princess terlelap sat tuh.. kalau die jaga keje nak merengek and nak mama nye stay beside her.. mama cannot do anything de..

just pray she will speedy recover within this 2 days dear..


  1. layanz gak kekadang.. boleh buat lalai cm kte ni bdk kecik.. kihkihkih

  2. saya pun layan gak cartoon ni.
    semoga princess cepat sembuh... ;)

  3. @khaifaiz : mmg la lyn katun nih khai.. tp kalau dh 5 6blas kali sehari.. pening kepala akak..

    @Mata Hati : terima kasih doakan princess akak.. harap2 cepat sembuh la.. tp mcm xsurut2 gak lagi.. btw, best kan cartoon nih.. light bulp..

  4. yup.. tapi ada jugak kartun yg tak sesuai utk kanak-kanak mcm sesetengah kartun dari jepun

  5. @Mata Hati: a'ah.. hubby akak sll tapis dulu sblm bg anak tgk.. any muvie oso, if ade scene pelik2 tgu anak tido baru dia layan.. mama dia layan gak, layan zzzzZZZ.. :P